January 2, 2018

Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Equipment

Soon we will be pulling out the jersey and gathering the friends, but until that happens store your tailgating equipment in a safe location. Santa Fe Self Storage has the seasonal storage units and tips to keep everything safe until the next game. Check out the storage solutions below when you are ready to store your outdoor gear.

Seasonal storage units


Storing Memorabilia

You create a lot of memories at the game but one way the day will live on is through your memorabilia. Whether you keep every ticket or you are a sports enthusiasts, protecting your treasures is important. When they are not on display we recommend a temperature controlled storage unit.

No Food or Flammables

These are some of the trickier items to store. Coolers and grills need a good cleaning before long term or short term storage. Pests have a keen sense of smell and we work hard to keep our property rodent free. Help us by deep cleaning the surfaces used to cook food. The propane tanks, charcoal, and lighters are best used at your house. Either use them sporadically throughout the off season or keep them somewhere safe and dry.

Essential Times

Keep in mind what time the gate hours start and end. Just like you would not want to miss kick off, we do not want you to be without your equipment. Plan a few days in advance so in case anything was forgotten you can retrieve it before the game whistle blows.

Storing during the off season just got a lot easier with Santa Fe Self Storage. Use these tips the next time you need to store outdoor equipment and stop in to talk with our experts today! We will walk you through what to store here and how our self storage features can improve your experience.

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