February 2, 2018

Selling, Staging, Storing, all you need to know

Selling your house? Do not get overwhelmed with the process, get a storage rental from Santa Fe Self Storage. Our multiple locations are here to assist you when the house is expecting company. Find solutions for staging your house on a budget below.

storage rental

Freshen up

  • Fresh paint or cleaning the walls will brighten large rooms.
  • A neutral color pallet is best. Keep the dramatic colors to the decorations.
  • Remove any unnecessary pieces of furniture and place them in our secure storage units. This would include appliances in the kitchen or items crowded your foyer.
  • Use air fresheners to keep a fresh smell throughout the house.

Start outdoors

  • Cut the grass and remove weeds from the garden. Consider planting a few flowers around the exterior.
  • Remove piles of debris and rack up leaves regularly.
  • Clean patio furniture or pack it away if the weather is not ideal for sitting outdoors.
  • Add a couple small yard ornaments such as a garden flag or potted plant on the deck. Remember to keep it simple.

What goes to storage?

  • Minimize how many large pieces of furniture you have. Make sure your floor plan is simplified enough so a promising buyer can imagine their belongings here.
  • Take down any personalized items. Chances are you are also searching for your next home, so pack photos away until you can hang them in your new place.
  • Clear out your closets of seasonal items. If you store most of your summer gear at the house, relocate these items so the closet has additional space.
  • Focus more on the two main selling attributes of your house, the kitchen and bathroom. Both of these rooms are keys for a successful sale.

A storage rental at any of our Santa Fe Self Storage locations offers peace of mind, security, and available space for all your belongings. An expert is waiting to lead you through the process.

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